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The Dust Has Grown Flowers

ISBN 978-3-947481-00-2

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The Dust Has Grown Flowers


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“This book is dedicated to all the list-keepers and plan-makers.

The dreamers and astronauts traveling through their own universe.”


The Dust Has Grown Flowers by Fiphie is a collection of illustrations, watercolor paintings, aphorisms, poetry and prose.


Known for her art journals, Fiphie conjures up a beautiful concept of combining art and poetry, gifting the reader a unique compilation of her works.


In her debut, Fiphie touches on subjects such as love, heartbreak, loss, death, trauma, femininity, longing and wanderlust.


She creates powerful images which let the reader immerse deeply into her world of thought.



Paperback, 208 pages

Size: 130mm x 230mm x 15mm

First edition

ISBN 3947481002

ISBN13 9783947481002

ISBN 978-3-947481-00-2



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The Dust Has Grown Flowers has already traveled to 38 43 countries! Thank you so much!